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Would you like to improve your recruiting efforts?    

Real Estate CareerQuest can assist!!

 One of the best ways to recruit is through the use of an in-house real estate school.  Not one that is internet based only but one that has a live presentation where students can actively participate.

FACT:  only about 25% of the students who start an internet based real estate course complete it.  The fall out is huge.

FACT:  if students are sent to an outside real estate school many times those students you sent are diverted to another brokerage.

Let us show you how you can keep control of those new recruits and increase the success rate for licensing.

Real Estate CareerQuest will provide a system that is uniquely effective in training new agents.  The owner is David Collins.  He started his career in real estate education with the Bert Rodgers Schools of Real Estate in 1983.  In 1991 Mr. Collins opened his own school and has been instructing ever since.  In 1997 Governor Lawton Chiles appointed Mr. Collins to the Florida Real Estate Commission Education and Research Foundation where he served as Chairman his last year in service.  He is a member of the Florida Realtor Instructor Academy and teaches a number of GRI and CE Express courses.

Real Estate CareerQuest will provide an internet based pre license course with Audio and corresponding textbook (authored by Mr. Collins), all approved by the DBPR.  The student will actually hear an instructor teaching the course as they study online.  The textbook allows the student to study while away from a computer.  The course is good for one year from registration.  We will also provide a webpage for your company to assist in recruiting with links for signing up for the pre license course.

You, the brokerage, will provide recruiting, classroom space, and we will provide your trainer with a set of four DVDs covering a Pre-License Review to prepare the student in passing their exam the first time.  Since the course is internet based there is no requirement for you to have a school license or registration for classrooms.  It’s like a prep class which may be administered by your real estate trainer with no licensing requirement.

Having a Career Night is a great way to solicit new agents!

We would also ask that you participate in our Tuition Reimbursement
Program where students that go through our school and you employ will be repaid their tuition out of first commissions earned.  Currently the sales pre license course costs a very competitive $279 which includes a textbook. Our Area Administrator will assist your trainer in
setting up a workshop curriculum and provide an instructor manual and a
Workshop PowerPoint presentation.

Post License Training - We will also provide your company with post licensing education for your new recruits to help start their career while at the same time fulfilling the 45 hour post license course required by the state.  We offer three 15 hour HYBRID courses as follows:

Leading the Field in Real Estate

It is designed to JUMP-START a new career in real estate. Topics include Developing a Business Plan, Listing Inventory Management, Marketing, Prospecting, Negotiating, and Closing. This course is offered in a Hybrid format. The matching text book to the online course is included with this course.


Contract Management

Topics include listing contracts, sale and purchase agreements, option contracts, leases and skills in negotiating contracts. This course is offered in a Hybrid format. The matching text book to the online course is included with this course.

Agent’s Role in Financing

This course will provide a better understanding of the mortgage market and the underwriting process. Important topics include current financing, short sales, and working through the process to a successful closing. This course is offered in a Hybrid format. The matching text book to the online course is included with this course.


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